New Building Self-Esteem Book Destroys Self-Worth Issues For People Of All Ages

Like any young child, author Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. was taught that self-esteem was a byproduct of his accomplishments and the more success he achieved in life the better he would feel about himself. After a series of major disappointments and life-changing events, Richard knew the old model just didn’t work anymore so he set about developing a better way of building self-esteem anyone could learn and implement.

This led him to write the groundbreaking book entitled “My Dog Got Run Over By A Rainbow” which sheds new light on what happens when we suppress emotions and allow unconscious self judgment to rule our actions.

Working with hundreds of clients over the years, Richard found that some of the most successful people were still bitten with major self-esteem issues. Despite achieving a lofty status in life, many of these people did not like themselves at all. He was amazed at how they suffered from feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt, and even self-hate and set about finding a way to transform those with self-worth issues into self-esteem heroes.

Taking research from his own battles with self-worth as well as learning what caused his clients to feel undervalued and unaccepted. Richard formulated an entirely new self-esteem model based upon the natural self-love feelings we all had when we were babies.

He explained the concept in a recent interview by stating, “What I didn’t know back then and what no one ever taught me was how to hurt effectively. I had no idea how to actually feel the emotion of hurt or even anger. This taught me a huge life lesson. I’ve finally learned the secrets to building self-esteem the natural way and I want to show others that you are the way you see yourself not how others see you.”

This model shifts the paradigm away from the vicious cycle of obtaining personal achievement then being rejected and finally succumbing to embarrassment and onto discovering and liking the real self behind all the layers most people hide behind.

Using the concepts in the book, Richard has been able to help his clients overcome their self-conscious behavior and deal with life as it comes without spiraling into depression and self-defeatist behavior.
Some of the major concepts discussed in the book:
• How to truly live in the moment as opposed to looking into the future or back to the past
• How to use the power of the subconscious mind to find and be the real you
• Why most of the things we do or are taught to do sets us up for a life crisis
• How to express your feelings in a way that unleashes your self confidence
• Why our true value is not contingent on what we contribute to society

According to Richard, “You build self worth with choice. The new way is choosing to like yourself for no particular reason other than that you tap into the power which you were born with to reclaim your right, because you exist, of being totally OK.”

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