You don’t have to feel lousy anymore!

Almost everyone suffers from emotional dominos, crashing down on their self-esteem at any moment.

It took an engineer by training, who forged a
distinguished career in stress management to
unlock the simple cure to finally get you off the
emotional roller coaster holding you back!

Dear Winner Within,

How many times has the following happened to you?

Something unexpected occurs, you feel bad then you do something that makes you feel worse, even guilty.

It’s the emotional domino effect...

...where something happens (domino 1), an emotion bubbles up (domino 2) and then you behave badly (domino 3) and while you wish you could find a way to stop, emotional dominoes keep falling...

...making your life feel like it’s spiraling out of control with no way out.

Well I can help you totally eliminate the 3rd domino of doing something negative in reaction to your emotions.

And once you learn to stop the 3rd emotional domino from falling, you’ll end the losing cycle and begin the joyous life you want.

Hi, I'm Richard Kuhns, B.S.Ch.E. (a chemical engineer), a certified hypnotist and a specialist in biofeedback, stress management, cognitive, and relaxation skills.

My engineering perspective allowed me to 'step outside the box' and develop breakthrough techniques for improving self esteem, losing weight, managing stress and becoming healthier overall.

In the past 20 years I've operated the Biofeedback Center of NJ, lead stress management classes for such prestigious companies as AT&T, counseled 2,103 patients in my private practice and authored 16 self-help books and 54 CD programs to help people just like you gain emotional freedom and live a rich rewarding life.

Your self-esteem is the core to your happy and prosperous life.

And for most people, self esteem is equal to:

• Personal development in education and work

• Acquiring things

• Being physically attractive

• Having lots of friends

But in reality, these things can actually sabotage your self esteem.

Sure you feel good for a while, but then an emptiness swells in your gut and you don't know how to deal with it.

Here's a fact most self-help gurus are clueless about.. don't have to accomplish any goals to build self worth.

And as long as you continue to believe you do, any calamity in life can send you spinning out of control.

This is precisely why so many people suffer from low self-esteem and are literally rattled as what to do about it.

Your self-esteem comes after you unlearn what you think you know

Soon after you were born, well intentioned people—your parents, your teachers and even your friends—all placed blinders on your expectations in life.

And those blinders limit you to continue making the same mistakes while being ruled by your emotions, not good intentions.

You know what I’m talking about. Any number of so-called truisms like big people don’t cry, winners never quit, don’t be a loser…

...there are an endless amount of filters governing your life and how you perceive the world.

Until you free yourself of other’s expectations, opinions and outright falsehoods—you’ll always find a way to feel crummy.

You need help taking the blinders off

How you see the world and more important, how you view yourself is all wrapped up in what you’ve been taught—good or bad.

Sure everyone wants to progress in life, love and the pursuit of happiness. But when you take a miss-step, it’s no reason to beat yourself up or worse, those around you.

That’s why you need to learn how to stop the 3rd domino from falling, right after something happens in life and you get emotional.

The healthier your self esteem, the healthier your body,
relationships and your life

Did you know that 70% of doctor visits are due to stress and the main driver of patients’ inability to relax is low self esteem?

How you view the world and yourself is the answer to everything.

Yet most people careen through life building bank balances or worse, spending money they don’t have…

...or bouncing in and out of relationships or gorging on comfort food.

And some of these same people can appear on the outside as being extremely successful.

Low self esteem is not limited to those less fortunate. It can and does effect anyone.

And it will continue to drown your feelings until you learn how to finally gain control once and for all.

You can build a vigorous self-esteem and erase a lifetime of pain once you know how

Let me ask you, does anything you have make you feel better about yourself?

Your job?

Your significant other?

Your finances?

Your health?

And on any given day if you lost your job, ended a romance, went broke or developed a health issue... that a reason to feel bad about yourself?

The answer is no, no, NO. A thousand times no!


sessions over 2 CDs…

• How to become independent of other people’s opinions

• Why the typical psychologists approach is wrong (accomplish something, acquire something and you get self-esteem)

• Are you equating self worth with a loss (skills, mate, possessions) and how that belief can cause anxiety, depression and even suicide

• What to do to deal successfully with dissapointment and to like yourself regardless of any outcome

• Why who you emulated as you grew up affects your self-worth

• How you perceive what other people think is usually different than what they actually think

• Warning—tying your identity to what you do actually undermines your self esteem

• What contributes to you feeling good about yourself

• Never to think one way when you are really on a 2 way street

• How to how to handle your emotions instead of running away

• Quickest, easiest way to stop giving away your power

• How to learn, profit and feel good about any situations

• Why you keep falling into the have-to, got-to traps

• Are you wasting time looking to the future for today's happiness?

• Why the 'what do you want to be when you grow up' set you up for
feeling like nobody

• Choosing the experience of whatever you are doing has worth,

regardless of the outcome

• How to embrace self worth

• Sneaky way to stop outcomes from running, even ruining your life

• Why you find it easy to compromise your self worth

Right way to appreciate life moment-by-moment

• The biggest barrier to your self-worth

• The truth about unintentional ignorant beliefs passed from
generation to generation

• Better to question conclusions instead of jump to them

• The simple way to stop entangling love and experience with value judgments
• The arbitrary belief bringing you down

• The destructive emotion behind constructive criticism

• Simple everyday items to prepare you to build a high level of self
esteem every single day

• Learning to 'let go' and experience mental and physical relaxation

• Giving yourself permission to take a vacation from your concerns

• Why trying to control things actually makes them more difficult

• The thing standing in the way of your feeling good about yourself

• How to stop tying guilt to your self worth

• How to end bad feelings after you make a mistake

• How you were deprogrammed from your child like self love

• Sneaky way manipulative and selfish people make you feel bad

• Secret to forgiving others of their shortcomings

• How to develop your intuitive feel for new opportunities

• THE way to stop emotions from you drowning your self worth

• Number one way to shape confidence in your ability to handle
potholes on the road of life

• Were you taught that the only feelings allowed are self loathing or self incrimination?

• Where emotions originate (not where you think) and what they really are

• Why inflated self esteem is as harmful as low self esteem

• How to create space and distance between your emotional dominos so they all don't fall

• How to avoid getting caught up in comparisons

• Are you trying to live up to Cinderella type bedtime stories?

• How to side step unhealthy reactions

• The secret to making an emotion disappear

• When you can have emotions without letting yourself feel them

• How to stop being a puppet to your emotions

• Keeping external events from effecting your self esteem

• Why emotions can wreck your physical health

• How beliefs seal your emotions from being felt, even for decades

• How to acquire the skills to deal with disappointment

• Bringing your subconscious mind up to date

• 8 different commands to stop the emotional dominos from falling

• How to make an emotion pass without interfering with your life

• The path to becoming your own best friend

• Learning to stop colliding with disappointments and instead, benefit

Clients have paid hundreds, even thousands for the same
consultation I’ve put together for you in 5 sessions over 2 CDs…

...and best of all, you can discover these simple steps to feeling better about yourself in no time, for only $47.

stay in control

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“I honestly never realized there was so much circular thinking surround-ing self-esteem issues! I was listening to this program to help someone else build their self-esteem and realized that I do many of the wrong things, YIKES!!

I started to really get into the pro-gram where it talks about what self-esteem means to different people.

The examples all sound really good until Kuhns points out that they are all goal oriented, meaning that if you don't get that reaction or reach that goal, you will feel like you have failed. This was very interesting.

Another fantastic part was when it explained emotions and what to do about them if they are eroding your self-esteem. I very much resonate with the idea that emotions will come and go but that I do have a say in the action I take after I experience an emotion.

It's that whole recognition thing that can happen before the reaction. That 2 second pause that you can take before the so called ‘dominoes fall’. It's so true and the bit after that about ‘letting it be’, is where the real power lies for me.

Maybe I can't eradicate all bad feel-ings but I can choose to not continue reacting to them and I can stop that chain reaction. It reminds me of that thing that happens when you wake up and stub your toe, or something like that, and then the rest of your day takes on that tone. Bad things seem to attract to you like a magnet!

You know you have had that happen. So, the program helped me really understand my part in that whole reaction process and how just that bit of observation and thought can really give you loads of control and relief. It feels great!

I also really like the bit about affirma-tions. I could never understand why someone would say something nice but that wasn't true. It always felt like lying or some strange delusional fantasy but now I finally get it! For me, affirmations were always like one of those hidden pictures that I would stare at forever and everyone could just walk up and see the hid-den image but me like that movie Mall Rats..."Dude, it's a sailboat."

Now I get it though, and now I see why those basketball players practice making the shots in their minds. It's all about programming your brain. I love computers so that really does make sense to me. Look here brain, you're getting an overhaul and we're going to build self-esteem into every process we can think of...LOL.

I feel so good every day now and I really want to share the change this program has brought me with others. Get it right now. Don't wait or put it is AWESOME :) “
-Stephanie Monte

True story about one of my patients we’ll refer to as John…

He was referred to me by his psy-chologist when he was 26 years old. He went to the psychologist because he had no self worth.

The psychologist suggested that he find a career—he was a high school graduate. Somehow he and the psy-chologist decided that if he were to become a machinist—something he admired, he'd feel better about him-self and have self esteem help.

He was in a catch 22 situation in that he needed to take a course and pass a test in order to get over low self worth. He understood the mate-rial but when it came to taking the test, he was all nerves and failed it.

Instead of him feeling better about himself, he felt like a failure. His psy-chologist sent me to me so he could relax and pass the test.

Instead of him feeling better about himself, he felt like a failure. His psy-chologist sent me to me so he could relax and pass the test.

The psychologist's approach was the typical, "accomplish something, ac-quire something," and you'll get over low self worth. Yes, it's the approach used nearly 100% of all programs for overcoming low self worth that I've seen. You are supposed to be able to overcome low self worth by getting better at something.

Unfortunately, this is a "catch 22" approach--a set-up for failure. I'm not saying that everyone who uses this approach fails to accomplish the goal of acquiring a skill or educa-tional level, but this approach is not how build true self worth. It's a set up for failure. Overcoming low self worth with this approach is a myth.

Look around you. Most of your friends, family, and acquaintances have been building self worth based on their accomplishments and acqui-sitions.

It was indeed a challenge getting John out of his failure path of having no self worth. More so because the psychologist set him up for failure--the psychologist actually set the path for him to stay stuck with low self worth.

Eventually he got his act together but it wasn't by becoming a machinist although he did graduate with flying colors. He learned how to build and improve self worth by learning to deal successfully with life's chal-lenges and to like himself in the face of disappointment.